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Hubbell Associates is a consultancy service that consistently adds value and puts your needs first.

Heather-Anne Hubbell is the principal of Hubbell Associates and she is confident in standing by her reputation as the "go to person" to solve problems strategically and holistically. Her reputation is that she gets things done in her own unique way by using her preeminent inter and intra personal skills. She can always bring together diverse stakeholder requirements to achieve a common end goal. Heather-Anne’s consulting and advisory career spans 20 years in North America and U.K. With global organisations to regional firms, the result is always success in meeting the requirements of her clients, and doing this to a high standard.

Heather-Anne believes that her success in client relationship management stems from her previous first-hand experience as a business owner, lawyer and banker, and her own use of consulting services. Due to this experience she is able to quickly interpret your business needs. Heather-Anne understands the importance of demonstrating the benefit of her services by showing how she can improve her client’s business through efficiencies, cost savings and a focus on potential revenue generation activities.

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