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Heather-Anne Hubbell Directorship Roles

This web site describes Heather Anne Hubbell’s experience in financial services. She is looking to take both her business experience and institutional experience to the market as a non-executive director and is looking for roles as described below:

Heather-Anne has extensive experience in strategic advice in the areas of business transformation, risk management and governance. Having worked for and with international banks, Law firms and regulators, she has a broad view of the challenges faces by many businesses.

She has run private businesses, divisions of private consultancies and can also bring to bear significant financial services background.

Heather-Anne is looking for strategic advisory and non- executive roles where she can bring value to strategic planning, major transformation and governance challenges in your business. A former lawyer, consultant and banker, her unique experience brings a diversity and 35 year history of experience unparalleled in the industry.

Available for short term one off advisory consultancy through to regular NED and advisory support services, Heather-Anne's expertise cN help guidage your next challenge to a successful conclusion.

Call Heather-Anne on +44 (0) 3302 230 736

John Hubbell’s Directorship Roles

(John is looking for directorship roles in health, sport, education and care.)

John has have been self-employed and in venture capital and business directorship since 1974 when he started his first business. John’s personal and business experience has given him extensive experience in sport, venture capital investments, education & care and wellness & fitness. He is looking for directorship roles in these business areas.

Due to his venture capital work, he has sat on many boards and as a member of the Institute of Directors he has taken their course ‘The Role Of The Director And Boards’. In sport, he has been a competitive and elite athlete in three different sports, he has been both an amateur and professional coach at local, regional and national levels. John has been a national sports administrator in two different countries.

In business, his main focus has been raising capital, be it debt or equity for small to medium sized businesses. As a licensed security dealer, he raised money in the private markets specializing in deals from five hundred thousand to ten million dollars (CAD). From 1982 to 1997 he personally structured over a hundred private placements, raising over fifty million dollars (CAD), in equity capital, and over one billion dollars, (CAD) in debt capital. John worked as part of a securities team that structured and sold over 200 public offerings managing, over 7000 investors and acquiring over 500 properties across Canada and the US. This entailed raising over three hundred million dollars (CAD) in equity capital and a billion dollars (CAD) in debt capital. John was in charge of the debt funding.

In education and care he has taught young offenders for ten years and earned a master’s degree in the provision of curriculum for social emotional behavioural and psychologically challenged children. In care, he has been involved in the management and investment in care facilities.

In wellness and fitness, he has always been a participant and earned a degree in physical and health education and recently has done a four-year academic study in the field (The Economics of Biological Aging). In this field, he serves as a commercial board member of Active Surrey, and a council member of Surrey Chamber of Commerce, with responsibilities for wellness in the work place.

Through his involvement in Trustco Capital Ltd he is an active investor and broker of capital into all three areas

Call John on +44 (0) 3302 230 736


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